19th-Century Pewter Items

Updated 21 September 2015

All 19th-century pewter items that were previously for sale by Hoosier Pewter have been donated to the Monroe County (IN) History Center. They will be for sale at the MCHC's next garage sale in June 2016. Although the original prices have been left in the listings below, they may not be the same as the prices attached to the items by the MCHC.

Click the thumbnail images to see larger pictures of the items. Note: Height measurements are from the base to the lowest point on the item's top, excluding attached or unattached lids and also to the top of items with lids.

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Teapots, Coffeepots Candlesticks Measures Other Items Books

Brand Stock No. Picture Name/Description Price before S&H Charges

TEAPOTS, COFFEEPOTS Return to the top
George Richardson, RI 816 teapot pewter teapot, marks: Glennore Co., Cranston, RI; lots of small dents and pitting; 5 7/8" h, 7 3/4" h to top of finial, 9 1/2" l, 4 3/8" d base. Other side view; Mark $150
Thomas Otley 670 teapot pewter teapot, hole in the handle; SHEFFIELD, EXTRA HARD BRITANNIA METAL, 5 1/4" h, 4 1/2"d base; Other side view; Mark $150
James Dixon & Sons 684 teapot small teapot or cream pitcher, attached lid, finial broken off, wooden handle w lip, painted black, 3 7/8" h, 3 3/16"d base $85


CANDLESTICKS Return to the top
Unknown 557-558 candlesticks candlesticks with push-up, 9 1/4" h, 4 3/8" d base; probably English; Bottom view $100 SOLD


MEASURES Return to the top
RG 498 measure measure, square handle, "DEMI DECILITRE", 2 11/16"h, 1 1/16"d, mark: triangle with RG inside $65
Unknown 597 measure measure, "2 CENTILITER" on the handle, "5 a b c d" on side, mark on bottom w wreath, coat of arms, 2 1/8"h $25
A. Grassi 328-330 measures measure, BARCELONA, A. MAGGI, SR, hole in bottom of largest; 2"h; 3 3/8"h; 4 1/4" high $50
unknown 598 measure measure, 1/2 HALF PINT, engraved, dented bottom; bottom engraving: Coville? London 1806, mark on lip: crown VR 31; Side engraving; Bottom $50


OTHER ITEMS Return to the top
unknown 753 ladle ladle, sculpted and flowery-shell designs on handle, 12" l, 3 1/4" d cup; unsure of date $25


BOOKS Return to the top
Fennimore 1984 book The Knopf Collectors' Guides to American Antiques: Silver & Pewter by Donald L. Fennimore. NY: Chanticleer Press, 1984. 338 pages plus appendices. paperback in mint condition. $10.00 paperback
Kerfoot 1924 book American Pewter by J. B. Kerfoot. N.Y.: Bonanza Books, 1924. 236 pages. Each of the four available copies is in good condition, but the book covers show varying degrees of wear and tear. $15.00 for each
Laughlin 1981 book Pewter in America: Its Makers and Their Marks by Ledlie Irwin Laughlin. N.Y.: American Legacy Press, 1981. Three volumes in one. 139, 242, and 276 pages. In good condition, except for some wear on the edges of the front binding. Cover is worn and has been taped. $25.00
Pewter Collectors' Club of America, Inc. 2006 book Collecting Antique Pewter: What to Look For and What to Avoid by Wayne A. Hilt, Barbara J. Horan, William R. Snow, Mark C. Anderson. Singapore: CS Graphics Pte Ltd, 2006. 214 pages. $20.00
Pewter Collectors' Club of America, Inc. 1984 book Pewter in American Life. Exhibition at the Museum of Our National Heritage. Providence, RI: Mowbray Company Publishers, 1984. 159 pages. $10.00 paperback